When Does Fear Surrender?
| Ghana 2022

turning windows into walls

doors into slaps of concrete.

painting rooms

with the colour

of fear.

a vacuum of terror -

terror that goes beyond these walls

impacting those,

we are told to be feared


inside these houses

built from lies and deceit -

sitting along those tables

are people


ignorance is dripping

from the corner of their mouths

creating puddles from which

political strategies form -

strategies disguised as

the ‘ song of the people ’

words polluting the mind of a nation

to see the other

through shades of

corruptive thoughts

putting fear in places were

once was


the same voice that has placed bombs in other countries

shouts now proudly

a hymn of nationalism

filled with promises

only they

can solve


creating trust

is the only common ground -

on which political power can thrive

but when does fear surrender and trust become an illusion?