beyond lost roads | 2024 Ghana

In the bustling heart of Accra, a pressing issue lurks beneath the vibrant life of the city: waste management. Swaths of discarded plastic weave through the streets, clogging gutters and straining the city’s sewage systems. During the rainy season, this blockage becomes a catalyst for disaster, causing water to overflow and leading to tragic losses of life each year. Amid this crisis, the Buzstopboys emerge as beacons of hope. This documentary follows a day in the life of this volunteer-driven nonprofit organisation, dedicated to cleansing Accra’s streets of refuse. For more than six months, the Buzstopboys have tirelessly cleared gutters and highways, transforming areas choked by waste and overgrown plants into breathable spaces. However, their mission extends beyond mere clean-up; they are committed to educating students on effective waste management practices, empowering the next generation to make sustainable choices. This documentary captures their relentless fight against pollution, showcasing their efforts to not only save the environment but also safeguard human lives.