return of the knight | 2019 Ghana

‘ The Return of The Knight ’ is a visual story about the rise and fall of the horsemen of the ocean. Placed in Accra, Ghana discusses the story the new generation of horsemen who exist in-between land and ocean. Codependent on nature, economic structures, and their very own motivation to survive, are these men a figurative representation of the mystical character, the knight. Fighting for their well-being through sharing and reflecting on a fantasy and nostalgia of horseback rides along the beach for tourists, are these men living from hand-to-mouth. The Knight, associated mostly as a symbolic character, comes back alive in a different light, showcasing present obstacles in a country of the global south. ‘ The Return of The Knights ‘ is a tribute to the horsemen in Accra, Ghana who found their joy, pride, and strength in their relationship to their horses, the self, and their growing community.