The Amethyst | 2016 Netherlands

The smell of fresh cut grass hovers with a warm breeze through the tops of the hills. Gazing in the vast of the night sky, the wind whistles through the tight gaps between the trees. Counting falling stars and imagining that somewhere in the sky would be a Luftschloss. A Luftschloss where, fairies give you wings to fly and troubles melt like lemon drops.

Laying in a huge field in her light blue dress with tiny white dots, she was all by herself Her friends just left, but she could still hear them talking in the far. The dense forest blends into a busy street not far away from the point where they usually meet up. Nevertheless, no noise reaches this almost hidden spot. The sound of bugs screaming for attention irritate her line of thoughts. Even though she was tired, she was so curious to see what is happening above her. She loved to feel the sharp cut grass softly drill into her back and silently wishes for her long-desired dream castle to appear. So, she never shut her eyes. Her favourite necklace, a little amethyst pressed in the form of a flower on a golden chain, reflects the bright light of the moon. She has been wearing this necklace as long as she can remember. It was tradition in her mother's family to give the new born baby a necklace with one of this stones. 

Slowly, the surrounding sounds turn into white noise. While deep grey clouds start covering the sky, the clear and fresh air makes goosebumps appear throughout her entire skin. The moment she feels a worm breath sensitively touching her right shoulder a shiver ran down her spine. Frightened by the situation, she jumps up and looks behind her, yet she was surrounded by the void. In seconds, the space got filled with intense colours from red to black that break in the steam, which crawls out under her feet. Yellow little ellipse shaped objects are floating mysteriously through the heavy air. She starts running out of fear, but it feels like she would not move an inch. Trying to find a place to hide, yet, nothing feels safe enough. She is covered in sweat after seconds in free fall. Her knees covered with grass, pebbles and traces of soil. 

Racing through the woods, her body shaky of fear, she is trying to find her way back home. Finally she could make out her mother's face, in the far. A worried look with a relieved smile approaches her. With a jittery voice she asks: 
"What happened, my baby? Why is you dress cluttered in stains?"
Her unstable voice almost made it impossible for her to speak. While she was explaining the situation she reached into the void while touching for her necklace.