Samira Saidi is a half Ghanaian, half Austrian, woman of colour, whose practice has the aim to inspect and shift the sociological structures of race, belonging, and explores the duality of intersectional identities through the body.

Email: samira(at)audiokult(dot)at
Mobile: +436644138377 / +233240770183
Instagram: samira.said.i


Art Residency at Cité International Des Arts Paris
Sponsored by Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur
2021 | Paris

Photoessay ‘ Ecosystems of Healing ‘
Sponsored by Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur
2021 | Ghana

Photoessay ‘ From Soil To Skin ‘
Sponsored by Bundeskanzleramt für Kunst und Kultur
2019 | Ghana


University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Applied Human Rights
2021-present | Austria

Foundry Workshop
Photojournalism and Storytelling
2019 | Rwanda

Royal Acedmy of the Arts, Den Haag
BA- Interactive/Media/Design
2014-2018 | The Netherlands
    .Nominee Bachelor Thesis Award
    .Nominee Bachelor Department Award

Dance Education
Hip-Hop / Jazz / Modern & Contemporary Dance / Ballet
2006-2011 | Austria


Photo House South
2020 | Across Africa

Social Media Strategies and Community Outreach
Blvck Vrchives / The Library
2019 | USA

Nubuke Foundation
2017 | Ghana

PA & Supervisor
Black Star Intl. Film Festival
2017 | Ghana

Art Workshop Curator
MICs- International School
2017 | Ghana