waste land | 2016-2019 Ghana

"Waste Land" is a documentary series on the pollution issues in Ghana's capital city, Accra. In the midst of Ghana's booming tourism industry, Accra's administration seems to have focused on relocating its waste out of sight to visitors, and into the outskirts of town. The process of documenting this series over the last few years have revealed an overwhelming excess of waste in this country, as well as how people cope under these circumstances. In my experience I have noticed common misconceptions of plastic. For example, some believe it is unhealthy to touch dirty plastic but one it is buried underground it will quickly dissolve. Such misunderstandings have created a literal toxic relationships between one's waste and their environment. Our rapidly growing consumer culture relies greatly one single use plastic. All of this material ends up in the districts next to the ocean. As we have seen with out current pandemic, the status quo of our society's habits will not last for long. Although, life may seem to go on interrupted, the long term impacts of our waste to our bodies and environments, promises a horrendous condition.